Hail Damage to Your Car?


HCS is the solution to that problem.

HCS has over 45 years experience in the PDR hail repair industry. We can walk you through the entire process from claim reporting to final repairs. Our environmentally friendly process can have your damaged auto back to new in most cases within days not weeks. Let our certified PDR repair experts show you why our “Best Work Goes Unseen”.


Body Shop

Welcome to PDR Hail Repair! Now that you have been forced into the Paintless Dent Removal “PDR” Industry, due to the catastrophic hail event, let HCS bring you the solutions it takes to maximize profits and “WEATHER THE STORMS” Site management is our specialty! We know what it takes to maximize profits through all the chaos a major hail event brings to your front door.


Hail Castrophe Solutions, has repaired thousands and thousands of hail damaged vehicles across the country for dealerships large and small. Although each deal may have varied slightly, the outcome never has; smooth operations and happy customers, salesmen, managers and owners…



Hail Castrophe Solutions, we know that a claim is more than just a long number, it represents a real person and their vehicle which is a big piece of their life. Knowing this, we put forth every effort to simplify and shorten the process for your clients…

Hail Catastrophe Solutions Services